History of
The Municipal Authority of the City of New Kensington

Our Water Tanks being constructed.
The Municipal Authority of the City of New Kensington is a public corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, organized under the Act of Assembly approved June 28, 1935, as amended, for the purpose of acquiring, maintaining and operating the water supply system serving the principal communities of the City of New Kensington, the City of Arnold and The Township of Lower Burrell, all located in Westmoreland County. It is managed by a Board of five members appointed by the New Kensington City Council.

The Authority was incorporated on January, 1943, it acquired the properties and assets of the Kensington Water Company for $2,050,000.00.

A brief history of development, of the Kensington Water Company shows that its Predecessor, the Burrell Water Company, was incorporated on July 7, 1890, and it acquired on January, 10, 1893, the Parnassus, Water Company which was - Incorporated on July 9, 1890.

Since that time the Authority has expanded service into what is now the City of Lower Burrell and the Township of Upper Burrell, the Township of Allegheny, the Township of Washington along with part of Borough of Plum where it has acquired service franchises.

Our water plant on the Allegheny River