Owner Application for Service

    To sign up for services, please complete this form. You will be contacted after application is reviewed with the fees necessary to transferring services. You will not have services until all fees are paid.

    The Authority bills New Kensington residents for water, sewage, and garbage services. All other residents will be billed for water only.

    Sales agreement, closing papers, or deed signed by both parties.

    Service Location

    Owner Mailing Address



    Applicant applies for services noted above. All water service will be provided subject to the Rules, Regulations and Rate Schedules of this Authority; and the directions of the Municipal Sanitary Authority of the City of New Kensington and the City of New Kensington, each as and if applicable. Service Connection Fee applies to each Application for Administrative and Connection Services. Service Connection Fee is Non-Refundable.

    Applicant shall be responsible for prompt payment of all billings for the services billed to Applicant by the Authority. If Applicant is a Tenant, the billings will be sent directly to Tenant. A copy of any delinquent billing will also be sent to the Owner in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Authority and the applicable statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Two or more parties owning and/or occupying a Premise shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of all billings rendered for service to that Premise, even though a party has not signed the application, the person signing the application being considered as the agent for the others.

    Applicant acknowledges that the Authority does not agree to provide potable water at any minimum pressure nor does it guarantee that such pressure will not exceed any maximum. Applicant agrees that Applicant will not hold the Authority responsible for damages of any kind or nature which may be sustained by Applicant, either as a direct or indirect result of variations in water pressure or interruption in water service.